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News from the City of Purcell


Grass Clippings

From: Code Enforcement

We appreciate the hard work you do in keeping your property mowed. This is just a reminder that you are not allowed to deposit the clippings in the street or sidewalk.

Please sweep them up or blow them back in your yard, not your neighbors or across the street. This not only makes the street and property look bad, the clippings wash into the storm drains, clogging them.

This is a code ordinance 90-34. The fine is $249.

Again thank you for maintaining your property. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 405-527-6561 or 405-527-4656.

Code Enforcement Department

Spring and summer are right around the corner, and it is a great opportunity to remind the citizens of Purcell of city standards and ordinances for mowing lawns. Keep your yard mowed and maintained to the standards the city has in place.

While we all want our lawns and driveways to look nice, remember that depositing your yard clippings in the road is a hazard. It is unlawful to discharge, blow, or sweep your grass clippings out into the street.

There are several reasons why the city doesn’t allow citizens to blow their grass clippings in the street. Grass clippings along with other debris and leaves, can cause storm drains to clog, which could cause streets to flood when it rains.

Another main reason is that it’s a hazard for motorists, motorcyclists and bicyclists. When the clippings get wet, they can become slick, and this makes it extremely hard to brake and turn for motorcyclists.

Dry grass clippings can also present a hazard, as they could blow up into the rider’s face and obstruct their view.

You can find the ordinance for weeds and trash in chapter 46 “Health and Sanitation,” article (46-4) in the City of Purcell Code Book. The code book can also be found on the city’s website, on the government tab under code of ordinances.

If you have any questions or concerns about the City Ordinances, please contact (405) 527-6561.

Justin Howell

City Planner/GIS Manager


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