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Hey, what about us?


While watching Channel 9’s coverage of the Seminole tornado I was very curious about the tornado that had formed down near Lindsay.

I kept watching thinking they would switch back to the Lindsay storm that was headed directly toward Purcell and Lexington.

But they never did.

Flipped over to Channel 4 and they had coverage of both storms including the one that was most important to folks in our area.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel terrible for the poor folks in Seminole and that entire area.

As do I for anyone who is affected by natural disasters.

But it made me fighting mad that Channel 9 completely ignored the storm that was in Central Oklahoma.

And I think I know the answer.

Their helicopter was on the Seminole storm and that is where their bread is buttered.

But they have an obligation to serve all of their coverage area and that includes us.

Never have been much of a fan of Channel 9 and after Wednesday night probably won’t watch their weather coverage again.


As I was doing some research in the year 1970, searching for information about the opening of Purcell Municipal Hospital, I found a lot of interesting facts.

One in particular caught my eye.

In 1970 there were 6,946 registered Democrats in McClain County,  299 registered Republicans and 11 Independents.

Contrast that to the registered voters in the county now.

In 2022 there are 5,657 registered Democrats in the county and 16,695 registered Republicans. There are 3,763 registered Independents at this time here.

My how things have changed.



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