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Bugs are bad this year


Happy anniversary to my roommate, Gracie.

She celebrates her 44th anniversary on August 4.


The Register was late getting off the press last Wednesday so I was pinch-hitting for our girls who take papers to the Wayne Post Office and Smiley’s Quick Stop convenience store.

I was headed southbound on Green Avenue when I noticed a flying bug on my left hand.

I thought it was a fly by the size of it.

I took a swipe at it and blood went everywhere.

Biggest mosquito I’ve ever seen and he was full of blood.

Thing was it wasn’t early in the morning or at dusk when they are normally out for blood.

It was 3:30 in the afternoon with a heat index around 105.

Tough little bloodsucker.

Fortunately, he’s no longer with us.

But a bunch of his buddies are still hanging around.


Speaking of flying bugs, can you believe the flies this year?

They have been thicker this summer than I can ever remember.

And the same is true for the gnats, that a six-year-old I know calls baby flies.

It’s been an insane insect season.


I made a comment to a 12-year-old that, “it’s getting ready to be summertime.”

“It’s been summer for a while already,” came the reply.

The only thing is, the weather forecast for the foreseeable future is looking very hot with triple digits rearing their ugly heads along the way.


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