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Investing in your well-being: 3 ways to achieve your goals with the help of this app


(BPT) - Many people today are focused on wellness, and there are lots of apps to track it. Since wellness encompasses physical, mental and financial health, wouldn’t you want an app that covers it all? Enter Life Enhanced® — an app designed to help State Farm® life insurance customers move more and learn about physical, mental and financial health.

The app combines State Farm life insurance with technology designed to guide and motivate you in simple ways. Set goals, learn about all areas of well-being, and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle — all at your fingertips.

From physical and mental health to financial wellness, here are three key elements to achieving your goals.

1. Physical and mental health come first

How many steps did you take today? How much sleep did you get last night? Health trackers are everywhere. You can set goals and track all of this on Life Enhanced. Connect your fitness tracker to the app and make it easy to earn rewards. The app also offers access to wellness and financial information, including tips and education resources to help you build your wellness habits.

2. Invest in life insurance

Creating long-term financial stability is also critical to your well-being. A simple, effective way to ensure your and your family's financial stability is to purchase life insurance.

If you're a millennial, life insurance should be on your radar. According to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), many millennials are married, own homes, have dependent children and have more than $100,000 in household income. However, despite having people to provide for and assets to protect, more than half of millennials have no life insurance.

Knowing what type of life insurance you need and how much to buy are factors in protecting those you love. Life Enhanced tools can help you learn about and estimate your needs around life insurance prior to speaking with an agent.

3. Plan your estate

Estate planning is another piece in your overall wellness as it can help you feel good about what you leave behind.

You should create a living will — a legal document outlining your health care preferences in case you can't communicate them — and a last will and testament describing how you want your property and assets distributed after your death.

Other important aspects of estate planning include advanced health care directives and financial power of attorney, so your wants are properly taken care of when you can't do so.

It can be scary to think about leaving your loved ones, yet there are plenty of professionals and resources to help. With Life Enhanced, you’ll have access to FreeWill, the largest digital estate planning tool in the U.S., and Lantern, which helps you document, store and share your end-of-life wishes with those you love.

Get physically, mentally and financially fit

Wellness in all areas of your life doesn't happen by accident. By creating and sticking to your goals, purchasing life insurance and planning your estate, you’re on your way.

The best part is that you don't have to do it alone. With Life Enhanced, everything is there. To learn more about life insurance and Life Enhanced, talk to a State Farm agent and visit StateFarm.com.